Bugs to Storm

Monday, November 4, 2013
Who is your favourite character of all time?

On impulse, I was about to say Bugs Bunny but sadly, my fetish for the lovable rabbit did not go beyond my elementary years and autograph pages.

One character I do obsess upon up to this day is Storm, the gray-haired heroine of X-Men who wields power over lightning and rain.

Perhaps it’s her gray hair. I too have gray hairs of my own despite my relatively young *cough* age.

Maybe I’m drawn to her power. Imagine someone pissing you off. All you have to do is to summon nature’s wrath and he’d be toasted like a frog on a stick.

I also like her leadership style. Calm and self-assured without being cocky.

I may never get to the bottom of this. For as long as she inspires me to become a better person, I will always be a fan.

And yeah, X-Men rulezzzzz!

Blogger’s Note: Picture used as featured image for this post is under public domain.


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