Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved by Music

Danny Elfman’s theme for the popular children’s story is one beautifully haunting soundtrack. As usual, Elfman delivers – leaving us all wanting of that nostalgic melody with dark undertones.

I could have chosen songs by Ed Sheeran, Sara Bareilles, or the Corrs. These are people who write and sing at the same time and I absolutely adore them. But for a reason as strange as the story of Alice, I feel strongly attached to its instrumental OST. After much thought, I’ve realized it’s probably because it’s my go-to music when I’m stuck in a rut with my writing. When my mind is writhing and screaming in agony over twisted words and convoluted ideas, I turn to Alice to inspire me with enough magic to write on.

However, it’s not always the butterflies and the pretty little things that fire up the writer’s imagination. A writer also needs pain, fear, and enough nightmares to create something compelling and beautiful. And Alice gives all that, too. Clue: Can you hear that eerie choral chanting?

Yes, it’s a strange way we writers live. Most of the time, we are caught in between paradoxes. But I’m not complaining.  I just love it and er, hate it at the same time.

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