Why I Keep Three Blogs

For today, I will disregard the writing prompt and instead focus on a topic that’s been long-overdue: my three blogs.

I started blogging in 2005 when I was a Mass Communication student in college. It was a logical thing to do, given my passion for writing and curiosity for the novel. The verdict: I loved it! I had my own space. I could write anything I want under the sun with myself as the sole gatekeeper. And I shared my writings with family and friends who were geographically far away from me. I wrote about things that kept me busy in school, about cats, about my first love, about issues I can’t shake off my system, and everything I could yak about. I named my first blog Bits of Chocolate because I loved chocolates (obviously) and because my musings were either sweet or bitter.


Then I graduated. Entered the “real world.” Jumped from one job to another. The posts became less frequent, dwindling to about one post per year and that was usually every New Year. Despite promises to keep writing, I failed to live up to those resolutions. I was too wrapped up in the corporate bubble to care.

Then I quit my job and vowed to spend a few months as a gap year to basically take a break from work, breathe, and reflect on how I was living my life before I lose sight of what’s truly important. This freed up a lot of time, not to mention the serious emotional baggage that comes with merely existing over truly living. So I decided to experiment once again. I came up with not one, but two more blogs.

Last February, I decided to make a pricey investment: my own DSLR camera. My new baby, Hunter, became my new best friend. This year, I brought Hunter with me to a couple of vacation trips to Boracay, Vietnam, and Cambodia so I wanted to post them on my blog. I came to realize that sometimes, you don’t need full articles just so you can post your photos. All you need is a catchy title and a short caption with the photo and it’ll be enough to tell a story. I was so enamored by the idea I decided to create a photoblog and named it Snaps of Chocolate. (I still love chocolates!)


I began participating in The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. And I wanted more, more, more. Then I saw they have Weekly Writing Challenges as well as Daily Prompts so I took it upon myself to write my fingers off. But I needed to have a WordPress blog for this. Thus, my third blog was born: Scribbles in the Chocolate Box. So far, I’ve written a poem (oh dear, I suck at poetry), snippets for possible short stories, my National Blog Posting Month posts, and entries for different challenges. Following the current post trends, it looks like this blog will be my writing battleground as I explore other genres of literary writing.


I still keep my original blog, for sentiment’s sake. And maybe, for some of my ramblings too.  After all, it’s home. Nothing beats home.

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